Climate Smart Land Network
Why become a member?

Why become a member?

The CSLN provides Actionable Science to its members by reviewing and synthesizing the latest pertinent science. We provide an opportunity for Proactive Management by helping you understand your business's climate change-related risks and opportunities. We provide a way to Demonstrate Leadership and stay at the forefront of climate smart management approaches, adaptive forestry, and regenerative agriculture. We foster a network of forestry and agricultural professionals, so you can Learn from Colleagues and exchange information on maintaining productive forests and agricultural lands in a changing climate.

  • Climate change represents a material risk to your working lands; i.e., forest investor, TIMO, agriculture investor.
  • You need to have a command of climate risk, and we provide it.
  • You need help understanding the science of climate change and the range of uncertainty.
  • CSLN provides the objective interpretation of climate, forestry, and agricultural sciences.
  • CSLN offers a community of practice to learn how other forestry and agricultural landowners across North America are dealing with climate risk.
  • Forest certification programs like SFI require companies to explicitly address Climate Smart Forestry.
  • You can inform forest certification auditors that you are a leader in understanding and managing climate change related risks.
  • Your company will have access to and can participate in climate change research related to forestry and agricultural production.