Climate Smart Land Network
About CSLN

About CSLN

The Climate Smart Land Network (CSLN) is an alliance of rural landowners and land managers that are working together to respond to the challenges posed by climate change. The program is structured to assist Network members in identifying and implementing pragmatic on-the-ground solutions that both meet their management goals and increase natural system resiliency to climate change.

The Climate Smart Land Network bridges the gap between climate science and on-the-ground application, providing a simple and direct method of including climate change concerns in your management planning and demonstrating that your organization is proactively engaged in seeking climate solutions.

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The Climate Smart Land Network is growing rapidly and currently includes 33.3 million acres across North America.
(states and provinces with CSLN land highlighted in blue, below)

Our network members include:

  • Acadian Timber Corp
  • Baskahegan Company
  • Bradbury Forest, LLC
  • Green Diamond Resource Company
  • Greenwood & Arcadia Plantations
  • Hama Hama Company
  • Manulife Investment Management Timberland and Agriculture, Inc.
  • J.D. Irving, Limited
  • LandVest Timberland Division
  • Lyme Timber Company
  • Maine Woodland Owners
  • New England Forestry Foundation
  • Northwoods Management
  • Nuveen
  • Port Blakely
  • Potlatch-Deltic
  • Rayonier
  • Resource Management Service
  • Seven Islands Land Company
  • Weyerhaeuser