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Forest Pests and Climate Change

(Click to download a pdf of this full article or a one-page synopsis) By Jennifer Hushaw Part 1: Overview of Climate-Pest Interactions Among the many potential impacts of climate change, changes in insect and disease populations rise to the top as the most immediate and possibly significant impact on our forests. This is because of […]

New Forest Monitoring Information

Implementing simple and cost-effective forest monitoring is an important part of climate-smart management, as it helps practitioners move beyond anecdotal observations to real baseline data and provides a mechanism for feedback over time. A helpful one-page document with a summary of these ideas and some example monitoring protocols can be downloaded here.

Global Precipitation Part 2: Ecosystem & Management Implications

By Jennifer Hushaw This bulletin is the second in a two part piece on changes in global precipitation. In it, we discuss how water availability shapes forests and recent observations of forest decline linked to drought and heat stress. We then turn our attention to the issue of drought, including the factors that contribute to […]

Global Precipitation Part 1: Trends & Projections

By Jennifer Hushaw The discussion of global precipitation will be covered in two parts. This bulletin (part one) provides an overview of the precipitation trends observed over the last century, as well as projections of future change. Part two will cover a range of forest ecosystem and management implications of changing precipitation patterns and drought […]

Global Temperature Part 2: Future Projections

By Jennifer Hushaw In the January bulletin, we focused on global trends in the modern temperature record. Now we look ahead to what climate models can tell us about the future of global temperature. (click here to download a PDF of this article or a one-page synopsis)   Climate Modeling Explained From economic forecasting to […]

Global Temperature Part 1: Observed Trends

By Jennifer Hushaw In this bulletin, we explore how the average global surface temperature has changed historically and how these changes have affected forest ecosystems. We discuss the challenge of projecting future temperature trends in next month’s bulletin. (click to download a pdf of this article or a one-page synopsis) 2014 Recap It seems fitting […]

Ecologically-Relevant Changes in Temperature Variability

By Jennifer Hushaw (click to download a pdf of this article or a one-page synopsis) The majority of the conversation about global or regional temperature involves discussion about how the average annual or monthly temperature has changed over time. However, for many organisms it is actually the range of temperatures they experience throughout the day […]